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(iMEDIA® Composite)

Along with the normal, monthly composite mailing, you have the option of receiving an electronic composite at no additional charge.
The electronic version is available in an Excel spreadsheet format, which allows you to develop your own charts, graphs and do
individual analysis. This version gives you your composite data the day we produce it. If you consider duplication and mail time,
receipt of your data will be reduced by 3-5 days.
We have developed an additional security measure which requires each member to designate a Local Administrator. The designated
person will be required to complete the Local Administrator Sign-Up process to access the secure server. This is now required to
view/receive the electronic composite. In order for anyone else in your dealership to view the electronic composite, the additional
employees will go to the NCM Member Website and submit login requests to the Local Administrative account. Your Local Administrator
will accept, deny and further configure the access rights to the member website for each requested login. Your Local Administrator will
be able to remove login accounts and reconfigure logins as your organization’s needs change. The Local Administrator will also be
responsible for terminating an employee’s access to the electronic composite.
We know some people are still concerned with information security on the Internet regardless of security precautions. Therefore, the
only information that will be included in the electronic composite on the secure web server will be from member/clients that have
explicitly asked to be included. The excluded information will still be included in the averages, as well as the regular composite,
but cannot be viewed by anyone on the secure web server. Any member choosing to have their information filtered out of the
electronic version will not have access to this electronic composite.
The process for viewing/receiving your electronic composite is simple. As soon as your composite is complete, you will receive an e-mail
stating its availability. You will log into your group website via and click onto the “Composite/Products” tab, then
the Electronic Composite link, which will take you to the secure web server. You will then have the option to either view your composite
within your browser or download it to your computer.